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Kevin Archer

Kevin is our team manager who will make sure all the projects are taken seriously and ready to be incorporated into the real world. He is the man that makes all possible.


Jessica Nicole

Jessica is a planner and she has been with us for over 20 years. Today, she is responsible for some of the most complicated and advanced projects.


Mia Garner

Mia works on planning the projects directly with the clients. If you choose us, you will likely work with her and together you can find the best solution for your particular project.

One of the most common questions we are asked all the time is how and why we started doing what we do. The answer is simple. We know that lighting fixtures and illumination in architecture is a game-changer. It is the key element that can make any area, room or a construction look so much better and more elegant.

At this moment we can also add that we are pioneers in what we do and we are known to offer the old, classic, new and futuristic fixtures. The ultimate goal is to create something that is practical, convenient and usable. All of these may sound complicated or impossible, but it is our true passion. Of course, let’s not forget that lighting fixtures can make any facility stand out from the crowd.

There is a trend that has been with us for a few years. We can see that lighting is more and more popular, added to old and new constructions and added to private and commercial properties. In other words, the light is the main thing that changes the look of literally anything, among so many other things. This should help you understand the true potential of our services and why they are stunning in any way possible.

Our clients have been known to work with us in order to get what they want. Yes, you can do the same thing. As a matter of fact, we like when a client is helping us develop the perfect lighting fixture and the perfect effect. The end result must be perfection, satisfaction and impressing result, every single time. Don’t forget that you are responsible for what you need and you can make any change at any given moment.

The light should be added to your facility and must be included in a new one. For all the architects out there, we have been offering all possible and all related services, regardless of where you are or which project you want to complete. Check out our portfolio and get a complete idea of what we can do and what we have to offer.

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DIY Juice Mixing – Guide from ELiquid depot

Many people, probably most people, buy their vaping juice pre-mixed, it’s not a bad idea because it is convenient however there are some of us that like to mix our own. The problem is when you are mixing your own juice you must be prepared to make mistakes, and these are mainly because of the many variables involved.


Consider a combination lock, in this case the variables are the rotating numeral indicators. If there are just two variables then the right combination is easy enough to find, it has to be a number between 00 and 99, just 100 possible numbers to try to find the correct one. If there are three variables then the possible combinations rise to 1,000, four variables bring this number up to 10,000. It is a logarithmic curve.


The variables involved in getting a satisfactory vape include the voltage and/or voltage of the power sauce, the type and make of your atomizer/cartomizer and its impedance (ohms), the flavor additive, the type and quality of the carrier juice (PG or VG) and nicotine base and the concentrations of the juice ingredients. When mixing your own juice if any one of these are wrong you will be dissatisfied with the result and are unlikely to know which variable is at fault. This can be very frustrating!


There is a simple solution to this problem, minimize the variables. Always test a new mix with the same and known hardware and settings, I would suggest a voltage setting of around 3.5v using a higher impedance atomizer. If possible, use a dripper type atomizer to reduce cross contamination of flavor from your previous vape. The chances are that you have already established your preferred nicotine strength and PG/VG balance from vaping pre-mixed juices – don’t change when you mix your own. Always buy good quality carrier glycerin so as not to introduce unwanted flavors, VG glycerin my need thinning to allow good flow so to add just a little water or vodka. Stick to this and there are only two variables left, the flavor additive and the nicotine base.


Buy DIY / e-liquid mixing materials


To begin with, do not be tempted into mixing loads of different flavors into one juice. You may enjoy eating After Eight mints covered in peanut butter, but it does not follow that mixing dark chocolate, mint and peanut flavors together will give a nice vape. Just add one flavor additive at first, something simple like menthol, orange or tobacco flavor. Once you know how they taste on their own you can try mixing complementary flavors or adding sweeteners to tweak things to your own tastes.


So now there just remains our last variable, the nicotine base. Here is the twist – it does not have to be a variable!


I have used some truly bad nicotine bases, dirty yellow in color and smelling like old ash trays. Any flavor inherent in your nicotine base carries across all your mixes and you soon tire of the background noise but now it is possible to buy good, clean nicotine base that is produced in the USA


I will suggest you check out ELiquid depot for virtually colorless liquid that has no flavor. Boring but perfect. Use this and you have removed another variable from the mix and avoided a potential pothole also if you invest in a one-liter bottle you will save a small fortune in vaping costs too, follow this example to see what I mean: Making 30ml of 18mg PG/VG juice needs 10ml of 54mg PG nicotine base and 20ml of glycerol. (54/3=18). If you use vegetable glycerol (VG) carrier you will have a 33/66 % PG/VG mix. Add a few drops of flavor and give it a vape. The cost of the glycerol and flavor will be just a few pence, and with the nicotine base costing this works out at just few dollars for that 10ml used thus bringing the total cost for 30ml of vaping juice to about couple of dollars.


As an ending note you should be aware that nicotine is a poison, it can permeate skin and can also be an irritant. When mixing your own juice, you should wear protective gloves and eye ware. Mixing should be conducted in a ventilated area and all your vaping supplies must be locked away from children.